How To Register And Earn Daily On Racksterly (Make Money Online)


    How To Register And Earn Daily On Racksterly

    Welcome reader, first thing first before i go any further, this article is for serious minded people, people who are ready for serious business. If you are here to joke around then am sorry for you.

    Racksterly review will be the best thing you’ve read this year because it’s going to increase your bank account balance drastically.

    Another latest income program in Nigeria and it’s NOT SCAM.

    If you’ve ever wanted to make money online, here’s your opportunity.

    See how much I have made so far from racksterly within a week ($51.05) of joining, click here to join racksterly now or whatsapp 07069610399 for guidance, you need minimum of N6800 to join..

    For the past few years or months, many income programs has come and go.

    And today, one of the latest Income programs is Racksterly. One of the reasons I like racksterly is, you don’t need to refer to make money.

    You can join racksterly and fold your arms and still make cool money. Yeah, I’m not joking!

    So, if you’re like me who don’t like shouting up and down on social media esp facebook, trying to compel or convince people to join a certain program, then this is for you.

    It’s a earn as you sleep income program and you will love it.


    How does it work?(Review)

    This is a very pleasant question and I will give you a pleasant answer.

    Let me not bore you around.

    Racksterly income program is just a simple income program that allows you to earn daily using your Facebook account. You do not need any referrals in other to earn from Racksterly before you get paid, it’s optional. You just need to join and start earning money daily and you can withdraw money instantly.

    You earn a specific money daily depending on the plan you registered with.

    Racksterly Plans

    Currently, there are four (4) plans to choose from while registering for racksterly account.

    Swipe to left and right to see full table if you’re using mobile phone.

    $18 (N6,879) Registration $25 (N9,296) Registration $45 (N16,752) Registration $75 (N27, 887) Registration
    30 Days Interval 30 Days Interval 30 Days Interval 30 Days Interval
    After 30 days, you will make N13,000 After 30 days, you will make N19,500. After 30 days, you will make N38,000 After 30 days, you will make N60,700
    Instant Activation Instant Activation Instant Activation Instant Activation
    Same-Day Withdrawals Same-Day Withdrawals Same-Day Withdrawals Same-Day Withdrawals
    You earn $1.2 (N433) daily You earn $1.8 (N650) daily You earn $3.5 (N1,264) daily You earn $5.6 (N2,022) daily

    They are DewDrizzleStorm and Typhoon and each of these plans has it’s own joining fees and what you will earn daily.

    After 30 days end, you will need to choose a plan and pay again which will last for the next 30 days.

    TIP: If you manage to refer up-to 6 persons in your first month of joining racksterly, you will get the next 30 days free – no subscription.

    In addition, you can sky rocket your earnings by referring your friends and loved ones and earn a massive 5% commission of their join fee.

    If you’re good at that, then you should consider making over $500 to $1000+ from racksterly in the space of days or weeks.

    If you’re an active fellow on social media, then you must have seen earnings screenshot of people getting paid over $300 to $500 within a week, in space of days or a month.

    How to Make Money on Racksterly

    Basically, you can see how easy it is to make money on racksterly without referrals, it’s just optional if you want to increase your money.

    And that’s what makes it unique from other Income programs in Nigeria.

    If you haven’t joined racksterly, you’re missing a lot, I will advise you to join racksterly as e dey hot.

    To make big money on racksterly, you just need to think of a plan that will suit your budget and join.

    TIP: From the plans I mentioned above, the storm ($45, N16,000) and typhoon ($75, N27,000) plans, seems to be the best to make good money from and if you have up-to that, you can make N38,000 or N60,500 respectively depending on the one you went for.

    However, you can can also join for the other lower plans, the goodnews still remains you are still going to make good money at the end. Much bigger than the money you joined with.

    You can join with the Dew plan, $18 (N6,500) and make N13,000.

    You can as well join the Drizzle plan, $25 (N9,000) and make N20,000.

    It’s all goodnews and everyone loves making money.

    Is Racksterly Scam or Legit

    This is the first question everyone wants to know. The latest news for now is, is legit and paying, it’s not a scam.

    How to Join and Register on Racksterly Income Program

    Joining racksterly takes just few minutes by filling simple sign-up form.

    In fact, in the next 5 mins, you should be done with the Racksterly Registration. It’s so easy and simple.

    It’s not an advanced process or requires a certain knowledge of something to complete the registration. 😊

    So, follow us and let’s walk you through the Racksterly Registration process.

    Step 1: Go-to Racksterly

    Go-to (aff link) and click on continue for the next two pages you will see.

    Step 2: Sign-up on Racksterly

    Enter your First name, last name, email address and phone number followed by your choice of password and click on “create new account“.

    Step 3: Confirm your Email Address

    A confirmation code will be sent to your email address you entered. Login to the email inbox and copy the code and paste it in this box.

    If you don’t find the code in your inbox, check your promotional inbox or spam box.

    Step 4: Racksterly Introduction

    You will get to an introduction page showing you walk throughs of the things remaining to complete your racksterly Registration.

    • You will need to link your facebook account that is atleast 2 months old with over 200 friends.
    • A bank account for withdrawing your earnings.
    • Your ATM card or bank account details for paying for your subscription.

    Click on Continue to go-to the next page.

    Step 5: Enter Your Nigerian Bank Details

    Enter your Nigerian bank details and click on “Continue“.

    Step 6: Link Your Facebook Profile

    Click on the change Facebook profile and link to your choice of Facebook account that meet their requirements.

    Step 7: Choose a Plan and Pay

    Now, choose your plan and pay for your subscription. You will be prompted to pay via Paystack Payment Processor.

    I will advise you to go for either the storm ($45) or typhoon ($75) if you have money. You will make more money with those plans.

    Step 8: Complete your payment

    From the picture below, I choose the Typhoon plan because it brings in the most money.

    Enter your card details or bank details and make your payment.

    Step 9: You’re good to go

    You can start making money. Explore your dashboard and have fun!

    CLICK HERE TO Join Racksterly Income Program

    Requirements for Racksterly

    Oh well, on our racksterly Income program review, there are certain requirements for Racksterly I would like you to know about, so you wouldn’t be left out or become surprised when you see something you’re not familiar with or were told.

    1. You need a Facebook account that is two months old and has atleast 200 friends.

    Racksterly also offers promotional contents to keep their program going.

    Since you’re paid daily (depending on the plan you signed up with), you need to have those requirement.

    You will share each sponsored content they have for that day. You will share it to your facebook timeline.

    People that joined NNU and WAKANDA.NG had no problems doing this then, so it wouldn’t be a problem too.

    If you think you’re too big for that, then this program is not for you or you link another facebook account you have that meets the requirement.

    You share only one post on your timeline once in a day and it must be liked before you earn for that day.

    Don’t worry, just liked the post yourself and the EARNINGS WILL COUNT IT!

    2. Referral is Optional

    Referring someone is optional. In this racksterly income program, you earn a specific amount daily depending on the amount you joined with.

    You can refer your friends and increase your earnings.

    You’re paid 5% per commission for every successful referral.

    3. You Withdraw to Your Nigerian Bank Account

    You can withdraw anytime you want. You’re paid directly to your Nigerian bank account.

    And there is no delay in payment.

    It comes almost instantly!

    Racksterly Payment Proofs

    We haven’t balanced this racksterly review without including the massive racksterly payment proofs, this shows racksterly pays and you shouldn’t have any doubts about joining.

    So, I’m going to feed your eyes with proofs from random people who has withdrawn from racksterly income program.

    Proof 1:

    Proof 2:

    Proof 3:

    There are so much more of them.. Start yours and share your victory.


    We hope you enjoyed our racksterly Income program review even though it was a long one.

    Anyways, I wish you a massive bank account balance ahead.

    CLICK HERE To Join Racksterly Income program


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